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Haus of poke application

On Monday January 2nd we'll be running two clean-up commands that will run through and permanetly delete Poke Assistant accounts.
It's been a really enjoyable few months since starting Poke Assistant during Pokemon Go les derniers loto beta.
The best attacker tool was the very first tool PA built way back during Pokemon Go beta.Check out the best attacker tools and battle simulator to se ehow it stacks.Added the new liquor n poker curve medals to Trainer Stats.While it will vary from Pokemon to Pokemon, the new information reduces the possible IVs by 25-90 in most cases and has signficantly increased the chance of knowing the exact IVs on the first search.Find out if your 400CP Pidgey would be better than your 745CP Pidgetto before you risk your candy!These 'back-end' changes are my main focus for now.Formula displayed at the bottom of the page.We've removed it for now in line with the game mechanics, effects on site tools were immaterial.I'm surprised there are no new moves in the game_master yet so haven't pushed movesets up yet on assumption that they may change.Android Chrome users can now "Add to Homescreen" to receive stand-alone, near native appearance and offline IV Calculator functionality.It's now effectivly an IV calculator and accurate evolve calculator in one.UI tweaks, should display better on tablets.
There are things I want to do with the Battle Sim and Best Counters tools, but I'm reluctant to pour in effort ahead of what may well be a pretty big shakeup in battle mechanics.

Have fun.12.16 Evolver re-written in Javascript.Big thanks to Trainer astrolepsis for the Polish Translation.Link on it you might desire.We don't own every phone in the world, if you have a weird display bug, please screenshot it and submit it via Feedback.Pidgey Spam updated to account for the drop in evolution time cost decreasing from 24 to 21 seconds.Back then we really only knew Pokemon types and their base stats.For Stunky, you can already view Best counters, Evolution Calcs.Site linking has been inconsistent and now its nice and predicatable.All move power and cast times now known.For sanity, the main Pokedex page now has checkboxes allowing you to filter by Generation.
In addition, if you have been enjoying Poke Assistant and want to give back it is now possible to Donate to the team and help keep us fueled with coffee for future updates.
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A big structural change is that all Pokemon names and images will now be linking back to the new individual Pokedex pages for each mon,.g Bulbasaur.