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Poke support champions

This is the kind of thing I believe would fix their weakness.
Control - What the champion does after the teamfight starts.
Ardent Censor, Zeke #039;s Harbinger, and Banner of Command are the only AP support items outside of Frost Queen #039;s.It can feel like jeux de roulette russe gore I'm shoehorned into getting a scarily similar build every game when I play a poke or Enchant oriented support.Initiation - The ability to engage a teamfight.Tank - The durability needed to stay alive while soaking damage and blocking enemies.Thresh, for example, has great Control.Banner isn #039;t bad as it benefits sieging, though Zeke #039;s is probably the only way.Sponsored Links, directions: Start: Enter, select: Space, z: A, x: B, d: Left.Poke supports: champion:43 champion:143 champion:99 champion:117 Ardent Censor does grant damage earlygame, but it #039;s outscaled hard when it comes to poke, and these champions don #039;t have the kit to properly abuse its passive.These aren't meant to show which champions are most viable or who you should auto-lock in Ranked.All matchups are based on stats from and professional players' guides.
Progress: Beta 8, language: English, version: Beta Version, download: Click here, in-game Screenshots.
Komungu Blowpipe: X AP Possible CDR or even a slight amount of movement speed.

They suck as Supports.A: Yeah, they're not as common as Janna or Thresh.Download casino pride whisky price then play offline with GBA/GBC Emulator.I feel like poke supports get the short end of the stick here.They #039;re less of a support and more of a utility AP carry in the botlane, so everything goes, because none of the three supportive AP items work too well (outside of Zeke #039;s).Disengage - The ability to counteract an enemy's engage or provide your team with a way to leave the area.Each card includes a Summary of the champion and some of their good/bad matchups.
She blows her full combo to engage, then has to wait for her spells and stun to come back up before doing much else.
Reference cards by fishbeard.